Hands on Videos with Kid Witness News 2012 Vol 4

Feature Story

Grand Prix Finalists United Kingdom and United States

KWN has picked six excelling works to participate in a global awards ceremony in London on August 10, 2012. In this chapter I will introduce the final two contestants from United Kingdom and United States, reflecting on two social issues, knife crimes and recycling resources.

Panasonic is committed to offering opportunities for environmental education to children around the world to help nurture global sustainable leaders of tomorrow. Through this feature series, we will explore one of these education programs Panasonic is actively involved in, a hands-on video education program titled Kid Witness News. A program that has been around since 1989 with more than 160,000 participants, it aims to boost creativity and communication skills and foster teamwork through video production by children at the elementary and secondary school levels.

Knox Academy from United Kingdom (Knife Crime: Think of Life Put Down the Knife)

  • 01-KWN20120803.jpg
    Students from Knox Academy

How can we prevent knife crimes? The students from Knox Academy, UK search for ways to eliminate them include interviewing both offenders and victims.

Val Verde High School from United States ( Fuhgeddaboudit! Or Forget about it!)

  • 02-KWN20120803.jpg
    Students and Teacher from Val Verde High School

Aluminum cans and plastic bottles find themselves in a park garbage can. These castaways are getting terrorized by the mean garbage can and risk rotting away for hundreds of years. Will they be safely recycled? Check Val Verde High School's short movie to find out.

The clock is ticking and we're only days away from the global contest happening on August 10, 2012 in London. Remember to check the official page for the latest details and good luck to all the participants! Stay tuned also to Panasonic News Portal as we report post-contest about the results AND the exciting events happening around the global contest.

Reported by Cathy, editor of Panasonic News Portal

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