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Milano Salone del Mobile 2012: Apr 16-28, 2012, Milano, Italy

Panasonic Corporation showcases its total solutions for creating, storing, saving and managing energy at the Milano Salone del Mobile 2012 exhibition, which is held in Milano this April.

We will continue to update information from time to time, such as photos and videos about Panasonic's exhibition at Milano Salone del Mobile 2012 on this page.

Press Releases

Panasonic Presents 'Photosynthesis' Concept in Milan | Apr 16, 2012

Panasonic to Expand LED Lighting Business in Europe | Apr 16, 2012

Panasonic to Present ‘Photosynthesis’ Concept at the Milano Salone del Mobile 2012 | Feb 28, 2012

About the Panasonic Installation

Exhibit Concept "Photosynthesis"
Viewing Times Mon 16 - Sun 22 April / 09:00 - 24:00
(Attendants on site 11:00 - 21:00)
Mon 23 - Sat 28 April / 09:00 - 21:00
*Salone del Mobile runs from 17 - 22 April, however the Interni Legacy installation will be open from 16 - 28 April
Venue Interni Legacy
Università degli Studi di Milano: Cortile Farmacia
Via Festa del Perdono, 7
(Exhibition floor space: approx.1,000m2)
Designer Akihisa Hirata (Akihisa Hirata Architecture Office)
Exhibited items Solar panels, storage battery system, LED/OLED lights, electrical wiring system, etc.

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Photos (Right-click on a link and save image as…)

  • Panasonic Photosynthesis, photo by Nacasa & Partners Inc.

  • Panasonic Photosynthesis [day and night], photo by Nacasa & Partners Inc.

  • Bifacial photovoltaic module "HIT Double"
    By sandwiching HIT photovoltaic cells front-to-back between layers of glass, their symmetrical structure allows the generation of electricity on both sides, giving a higher power output than regular one-sided modules.

  • Storage battery system using lithium-ion batteries
    Not just for back-up in case of blackouts but as an effective means of reducing peak energy usage and ensuring a stable energy supply from the fluctuating natural energy sources. This 18kWh system is designed for shops and offices and can be augmented with additional battery units.

  • LED lamp Clear Type
    Panasonic's unique floated-module LED on a translucent base delivers a warm glow similar to clear incandescent bulbs. As bright as a 20W incandescent bulb but with a power consumption of only 4.4W.

  • OLED lighting panel
    This next-generation light source promises unprecedented applications for uniform surface lighting in any desired luminosity and colour rendition.

  • OLED lighting module
    High rendition (overRa90) and luminosity (3000cd/m2) OLED in Panasonic's own "slide-in" panel. Easy to install in ultra-thin equipment applications. (9mm thick, frame 11mm)

  • "LUGA" shop LED module
    This compact 50mm light engine fuses line dispensing technology on a ceramic base to deliver beautifully sharp shadows and light with an incredible 106lm/W efficiency and 50,000 hour product life.

  • Variable-colour LED unit
    LED unit with synchronized, variable brightness and hue, reproducing the full colour curve.
    2000K-2700K: both brightness and hue variable.
    2700K-5000K: level brightness, variable hue.

  • Prototypes of new wiring devices
    Panasonic's touch/push switches allow the intuitive adjustment of lighting levels with sensor and dimmer functions as well as wireless handset connectivity over long distances.


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