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Panasonic Named the Best Green Brand for Four Straight Years in Taiwan

Panasonic received the No. 1 Green Brand Award for four consecutive years in the consumer electronics field of the 2013 Green Brand Survey in Taiwan on March 29, 2013. Representing the Panasonic Group, President Akihiro Naktatani of Panasonic Taiwan Co., Ltd. (PTW) received the Super Green Brand Grand Award from Honorary President He Feipeng of the Monthly Shuwei Shidai.

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    Panasonic Taiwan President Nakatani (left) Receiving the Award at the Ceremony
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The Green Brand Survey is the only environment-related brand survey conducted in Taiwan and it is organized by Taiwan's leading technology and economic magazine Shuwei Shidai. The evaluation is made from three perspectives, green products and services, green policies and initiatives, and green reliability. Overall corporate rankings are determined by incorporating two indexes, online voting results and expert evaluation results.

PTW won the award for the fourth consecutive year not only for the consumers' recognition of their longstanding research and development of eco-conscious products, but also for the appraisal by judges of their promotion and reporting of environmental initiatives on a regular basis along with the proactive publication of PTW's environmental sustainability management results.

In October 2011, PTW announced the 'eco ideas' Declaration in Taiwan, where they promised to the Taiwanese society that they would promote specific environmental initiatives and our goals for 2015. As part of these initiatives, PTW named the beach in Xiashe, Wanli in New Taipei City, "Panasonic Beach" and employees initiated volunteer activities to clean up the beach.

In Taoyuan County, Panasonic Taiwan Group employees planted 12,000 seedlings in a 10.5-hectare block of land and named it "Panasonic Forest," where they have been continuing efforts to contribute to environmental conservation. In addition Panasonic Taiwan will also contribute to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions by promoting smart and energy-efficient products with the ECONAVI function.

  • 02-201304PTW.jpg
    Panasonic Taiwan Group Companies' Employees and their Families Doing Clean-up Activities at the Beach
  • 03-201304PTW.jpg
    Employees Planted Seedlings Near the Taoyuan Station, Taiwan High Speed Rail

In order to proceed with eco-friendly lifestyles, which was announced in the Taiwanese 'eco ideas' Declaration, PTW established the Taiwan Panasonic Showroom in May 2012, where the Taiwanese Panasonic Group's resource utilization knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies are showcased.

Among them, the Smart Eco House exhibition zone was established and opened to the public as a base to recommend and promote comprehensive solutions for the entire home to customers. In the house, energy is efficiently controlled with energy conservation, energy creation, and energy storage equipment via the Home Energy Management System (HEMS), where convenient lifestyles with less burden on the environment achieved through fewer CO2 emissions are visualized.

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