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Panasonic Supporting Seliger 2012 Youth Forum in Russia

As an official partner of Russia's National Youth Forum "Seliger 2012", which is held from July 1 to August 2 in the Tver region of Russia, Panasonic Russia is supporting the forum for the second year in a row. The summer camp on Seliger Lake unites young, active, talented people aged between 16 and 24 with interests in social and environmental problems.

  • 01-201207SeligerForum.JPG
    Seliger Forum 2012
  • 02-201207SeligerForum.JPG
    Summer Camp on Seliger lake

From 1 to 8 July, during the "ALL HOUSES" shift, dedicated to municipal government in the area of housing and ecology, Panasonic organized a series of lessons on environmental issues for the participants. Each lesson included theoretical and interactive parts. The first one was dedicated to the global increase of carbon footprint and related environmental problems. During the second part of the lessons students developed their own projects of eco innovative cities. Eco-lessons conducted by Panasonic were visited by 270 people; almost 30 projects of eco-towns were created.

  • 03-201207SeligerForum.JPG
    Eco Lessons on Environmental Issues
  • 04-201207SeligerForum.JPG
    Eco City Project Created by Participants

In addition, Panasonic has held a contest of youth eco-project. 300 applications were received, 24 of them were selected for the final. As a result, the following winners were recognized - Oleg Nizhevyasov, Omsk, project "Geo-information system for monitoring air quality"; Yaroslavna Dolina, Orel, project "Eco-gallery" - Environment Fair in the Orel region" and Olesya Murashko, Novosibirsk, project "Modeling of optimal indoor climate using natural materials". The three winners received grants worth 100,000 rubles each from Panasonic for implementation of their ideas.

  • 05-201207SeligerForum.JPG
    Students whose Eco Projects were Granted by Panasonic Russia

Aiming to become a world leader in the field of environmental innovations, Panasonic will continue to actively promote the idea of eco-conscious lifestyle and implement a number of eco educational projects for young people around the world.

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